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„No to Lagers for Women! Close all Lagers!“

Two of the founding members of „Women In Exile“ and their siblings waiting for the Demo to start

Our question to the authorities concerned „How much does it cost to produce this beautiful piece of paper worth €0,01?

„Women in Exile“ is fully supporting the refugees in Hennisdorf especially the women, URI and all the groups involved in the Gutschein Boykott in Hennigsdorf.

Women and children suffer more from the voucher shopping system because they need some specific items which the „Gutschein“ is not entitled to buy.


Xmas 2010

Christmas party for women and children 2010

Women and children visiting the Berlin Zoo

An opportunity to get outside the Heim is always welcome and a visit to the Zoo brings such joy not only to the children but to the adults as well. It is a rare occassion, „Women In Exile“ organises such events through their supports during summer vacations to enable the women and children break the monotony of Heim live which have driven many of them to depression and other unexplained ailments.

Protest against Gutschein, No Lager and Residenzphlicht

Women in Exile works closely with groups fighting against racists laws imposed on asylum seekers as potrayed in this picture in one of such protest actions in Berlin.

A meeting in one of the Heims

After one of our monthly meetings in the Heims, women and children sit together to enjoy a meal prepared by some of the women from the Heim before the ones coming from other Heims can travel back to their respective Heims.null

Xmas party for Flüchtlings Frauen und Kinder