Invitation to Demo 19.06.2013 Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (Babelsberger str.)“No To Refugees Being Accommodated in Containers“

„Women in Exile“ and all the „Refugee Organised Groups in Brandenburg“ and „Supporters“ are calling for a Demonstration to protest against Refugees being accommodated in Containers. The City Council of Potsdam will be making a ruling on Wednesday 19.06.2013 at 5pm on accommodation of Refugees in the City of Potsdam.
For the past three years, Potsdam was a model Heim on how the accommodation of refugees could be improved. Potsdam being the capital city of the Brandenburg state should be a good example to other districts.
That is why we are asking you all to come and protest with us. „No Containers“!! „No Lager for Women and Children“!!, „Abolish all Lagers“!!
Call in English, German and French: