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Video and Empowerment seminar for refugee women 12-14.07.2013 in Potsdam

Video and Empowerment seminar for young refugee women
Video und Empowermentseminar für junge Flüchtlingsfrauen
ویدئو و سمینار توانمند سازی برای زنان مهاجر جوان
Video na semina ya uwezeshaji kwa wanawake vijana wakimbizi
Séminaire de la vidéo et de l‘autonomisation pour les jeunes femmes réfugiées
دورة تدريبية للتقوية للنساء اللاجئات الشابات
ولتعلم صنع الفيديو
12-14.07.2013 in Potsdam

We invite you to participate in our summer seminar workshop. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to discuss with other young refugee women on your rights in the asylum procedure and your rights in the ‚Heim‘ and we will exchange information of the current living conditions in the ‚Heims‘ and the labour laws. You will learn how to make videoclips, view them together and discuss them. (mehr…)

Why we demonstrated in Potsdam yesterday

For the past years, the Heim in Potsdam was a model Heim on how the accommodation of refugees could be improved. Each family has their own apartment and two single persons share an apartment. The workers in the Heim are generally very supportive, for example, they assist refugees with applications for flats. Potsdam being the capital city of Brandenburg state served as an example to the other districts on integration by giving possibilities for the refugees to learn German. (mehr…)

Warum wir gestern vor dem Potsdamer Rathaus demonstriert haben

In den letzten Jahren war das Heim in Potsdam ein Modell, dafür wie die Unterbringung von Flüchtlingen verbessert werden kann. Jede Familie hat ihr eigenes Apartment im Heim und zwei einzelne Personen teilen sich ein Apartment. Die Mitarbeiterinnen im Heim sind in der Regel sehr unterstützend, zum Beispiel unterstützen sie Flüchtlinge mit Anträgen für Wohnungen. *Potsdam als Hauptstadt des Landes Brandenburg diente auch als positives Beispiel zu Integration für die anderen Bezirke, weil hier Flüchtlingen die Möglichkeit gegeben wird, Deutsch zu lernen. (mehr…)

Invitation to Demo 19.06.2013 Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (Babelsberger str.)“No To Refugees Being Accommodated in Containers“

„Women in Exile“ and all the „Refugee Organised Groups in Brandenburg“ and „Supporters“ are calling for a Demonstration to protest against Refugees being accommodated in Containers. The City Council of Potsdam will be making a ruling on Wednesday 19.06.2013 at 5pm on accommodation of Refugees in the City of Potsdam.
For the past three years, Potsdam was a model Heim on how the accommodation of refugees could be improved. Potsdam being the capital city of the Brandenburg state should be a good example to other districts.
That is why we are asking you all to come and protest with us. „No Containers“!! „No Lager for Women and Children“!!, „Abolish all Lagers“!!
Call in English, German and French:

Demo Caravan Refugee Women Movement 13.06.13

Demo Starts: at Hermannplatz at 08.30 am

Tomorrow the ‚Caravan Refugee women movement‘ and the ‚International Women Space opens the Tribunal against the Federal Republic of Germany with a women demonstration. „From the refugee women’s conference to the tribunal“!
Women in Exile congratulate the Caravan Refugee women movement and the International Women Space for taking women issues in the tribunal. For many years Women in Exile was nationwide nearly the only group focussing on the interests of refugee women and we are very happy that now others joined our struggle against against racist laws and sexist structures to which refugee women are confronted with everyday