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WIE 2012 Events/Termine

Our 2012 Events/Termine Flyer

14.03.2012 social affairs politicians hearing refugees housing issues „Land Brandenburg“

On wednesday, the 14th of March at 10 o‘clock will be an expert-talk
with politicians for social affairs concerning the housing conditions of
refugees in Brandenburg.

Presse Mitteilung 08.März 2012

WIE Press release on the „International Women`s Day“ 08.March 2012


Rede 8.März 2012

Today we will join the FrauenLesbenTrans Aktions-Demo at 4pm, Familienministerium (Glinkastr.24)


06.03.2012 – Handing Over Open Letter to Minister Baaske

To celebrate the International Women week, we will be handing over an Open Letter to the minister for Labour, Social Affairs, Women and Family (Land Brandenburg) Mr. Baaske as a follow-up to our „No Lager for Women“ campain today at the following address:
Tuesday: 06. 03.2012
Time: From 16.30pm
Place: Potsdam, Rudolf-Breitscheidstraße 50
( S-Bahnhof Babelsberg; Exit (from the eastern part of the station)