„Gutschein“ Boykott Action in Hennigsdorf

Women In Exile“ is fully supporting the refugees in Hennigsdorf especially the women in participating in the Demos and meetings. We support URI and other groups involved in this campaign. Together we can take these actions to other Landkreises which are still issuing vouchers to the refugees
Women in Exile is against all oppresive laws governing the refugees especially those hindering the empowerment and emancipation of women and children.
Below: Women in Exile
in Cottbus during the openning week of the „Women International Day“ in Cottbus on 05.03.2010 protesting against „Gutschein“ and all the discriminative laws governing the refugees eg. Living in Lagers, Gutschein, Residenzphlicht etc. Women in Exile Gutschein Action in Cottbus